Blossom & Pine Honey
The transportation of our hives, from the forests of Eurytania to Melidoni of Lokris, an area with dense and varied vegetation full of pines, ivies, smilax aspera, heather and arbutus plants helps primarily to reorganize our hives and prepare them for the winter.

In this area, our bees work unstoppable and produce a unique honey. A wonderful combination of pine honeydew and nectar from the flowers of many other trees and wild herbs make a high nutritional honey mild in flavor and rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Its color is dark blurry and has a mild, multi-flat taste due to a variety of plants and a mild aroma.

Due to its natural sugar content (fructose, glucose, maltose, etc.), crystallization is fully intertwined with the season of its collection.

In "MeloPetra Premium Honey" you will find Blossom & Pine honey, harvest 11/2022, which is available without any heat treatment, raw and pure. 

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