Fir Honey

Fir Honey belongs to the category of honeydews and it is collected from granules and aphids that parasite on the Greek firs and produce honey dews which are pollinated by the bees. The most important granule is the “Phemicryphus” and it parasites on the “abies cephalonica”, a specific type of fir that also grows on the mountainous areas in Evrytania.

"MeloPetra" Fir Honey is collected in the fir forests of Evrytania part of the region of Central Greece (Klitsos area of Petra) at an altitude grading from 900m to 1300m from early May until late June.

Fir honey is very low in moisture content, often below 15%, but it does not crystallize because of the very low level in glucose. Its pH is higher than all other categories of honey and this results in a slower increase in HMF. Thus, the fir honey is altered much more slowly compared to other categories of honey with lower pH level.

The fir honey taste is slightly sweet with a long finish with notes of malt and caramel and its aroma is moderate in intensity. These characteristics, combined with its natural capacity not to crystallize and its rich trace-element composition, make up the character of a true food thesaurus given to us by the generous Greek land.

In "MeloPetra Premium Honey" you will find fir honey, harvest 06/2022, which is available without any heat treatment, raw and pure. 

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