Most of the honey produced on the Planet is heated at very high temperatures (70C) during production, which makes the honey easier to pour out of its storage containers and pack into pots.

Unfortunately, when honey is heated at these high temperatures, many of its nutritional properties are destroyed. Honey gets a different color and texture as its crystals are smaller and more uniform due to the melting by the high heat. Many of the honey's nutrients are lost during this processing method.

In MeloPetra, we never give priority to speed over quality. We do not heat our honey for bottling purposes or for any other reason. Our honey essentially flows cold from the maturing containers into the pots manually without machinery or other technical means. We take our time, and we pack our honey in pots with the ultimate respect and appreciation for the product as we would do at home. This simple technique, is chosen because it does not diminish the quality of our honey at all while preserving the high profile of amino acids (proteins), the high nutrient content and natural honey enzymes that help to digest. The color of the honey remains unchanged and its texture remains thick as the crystals are unequal in size - just as nature wanted them to be.