Forest Honey (Oak & Chestnut)

In the regions of Eurytania and Fthiotida, during the summer months, we collect honey from excretions of oak trees.  A dark, almost black and fairly thick honey. It may be the richest in trace elements, it has the greatest antioxidant effect compared to the rest of the honey, and it is considered by the most nutritious. It has dietary, stylistic, disinfectant and healing properties and crystallizes around 12-18 months. 

In a survey by the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki which examined 48 different varieties of honey, including oak, pine, fir, chestnut, orange, thyme honey and the famous manouca honey of New Zealand origin, the results showed that Greek oak honey and Fir had the greatest antioxides effects.

In our forests grow together and chestnuts which flourish at the same time, with the result that bees collect both the honey excretions of the oak and the nectaroexcretions of chestnut. This honey has a high content of pollen, making it one of the most nutritious honey. 

In "MeloPetra Premium Honey" you will find Oak - Chestnut honey, harvest 07/2022, which is available without any heat treatment, raw and pure. 

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