Our Beekeeping Odyssey starts at our winter Basis in Kyparissi in Fthiotida in Central Greece, where our main apiary is located. There, in a place quite isolated from the presence of man and his usual agricultural practices, takes place the spring development of our Beehives and the annual production strategy is drawn up.

This is where the first and the last honey of the Year is collected either at the beginning of Spring or at the end of November, with the invaluable nutritional value of arbutus honey that characterizes the area, leaving bittersweet tastes and sensations.

During the Spring season, all necessary preparations are being made so that the beehives are ready for their uninterrupted productive journey.

At the end of Spring our journey leads us to some of the most outlying and intact forests of Εvrytania and Central Greece. From May to August, we drive bees through these verdant and arduous terrains so that they obtain the dainty honeydew excreted by fir and oak trees.

At the beginning of August, after all necessary harvests, the beehives are prepared for their trip back to our base. They will be regrouped and organized so to be ready for the Fall nectar flows. Depending on the climate conditions and how strong our bee population is, units are selected and either transported in close areas for Heather & Pine Honey Collection or remain at our base to collect the invaluable nutritional Arbutus Honey of the area till the end of the harvest season.